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IWCF Training

IWCF-Well Control

CDS: Canada's Drilling School

Welcome to Canadian Drilling School, the preferred location for taking IWCF training in Canada.

IWCF Well Control

Canadian Drilling School, which has its corporate head office located in Calgary, Alberta, is an accredited IWCF well control center with a much better-than-average success rate.

You will find our fully IWCF accredited instructors quite different to the others you may have encountered before:

  • We will not read pages of vague information designed to baffle all but the experts in the field. We will explain in simple terms the necessary details you need to thoroughly understand the principles and procedures of well control.
  • We do not hand out class material that is so illegible as to be useless. In many cases, our illustrations are originals made entirely in-house.
  • We will not swamp you with endless "class exercises" to occupy you as we disappear to answer phone calls from "Rigs in Trouble". In many cases, we will show you step-by-step the easy way of tackling some of IWCF's most complicated problems.
  • Canadian Drilling school holds approximately two 5-day Rotary Drilling Well Control courses each month in Calgary and Nisku both at both Levels 3 and 4, in a choice of surface or combined surface and subsea stacks.

    Our modern, comfortable classrooms, small class sizes, lots of simulator time, and our innovative use of animations and other audio-visuals make our programs a fun learning experience. We don't just teach you what is needed to pass the exams, but are committed to helping you understand!

    Successful candidates will receive IWCF certification in Rotary Drilling Well Control at the Level and type of stack for which they registered.

    IWCF well control courses are designed for people that have five or more years of experience in the drilling industry. All registrations are subject to candidates possessing the appropriate IWCF prerequisite requirements.

    The cost is CAD $2495.00 + 5% TAX

    IWCF Course Calendar and Registration for further information on our IWCF Well Control Course.


    Calgary, Alberta

    Nisku, Alberta

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  • Careers

    Canadian Drilling School will be expanding to Nisku and is seeking an additional Well Control/Well Intervention instructor/assessor to deliver IWCF Surface and Subsea courses.

    The successful candidate will instruct in both API and SI units at our Calgary and Edmonton training facilities and will be expected to maintain our school's pass rate in the high ninety percentile range.

    Preference will be given to Candidates who are able to instruct other Drilling and Workover Engineering subjects.

    The new instructor can expect to teach two to three IWCF courses in Alberta each month. The CDS payscale for certified IWCF Well Control instructors/assessors is $3500.00 per 5-day course.

    Only people who have an engineering degree, five years subsea drilling and workover supervisory experience, and currently have passed their IWCF exams with a pass rate of at least 95% in each category should apply.

    Applicants ideally will have some knowledge of course development and instruction. CDS will consider giving Assessor training to the right applicant.

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